EasyFileFinder is an easy-to-use yet powerful file search program. Quickly and easily search files on your computer
without having to guess the directory location of your particular file or files. The program has the options to let you
select or browse the directory location, enter the file wildcard (example: *.txt, pdf, zip) or by filename and subdirectories,
The program allows you to restrict file search by the newest and oldest file dates, by entering a specific string contained

in a file, and the option to select weather the file is Ascii or Unicode.

You can also rename files by entering the file original or old name then enter the new name and enter the date on the file.
You can preview the file changes before making the change. There is also a progress bar that displays the file count doing
the file search and a status field that displays the final file count. The file result list is displayed in the form listview in the
following columns: Filename, Path, Size and the Date. Open any file in the listview by highlighting and then double clicking
the file row. The list of files in the listview can be written to a text file by selecting the following button: "Write results to text
file". You can also specify the delimiter type to insert in the text file by entering it in the delimiter box.

This product can be downloaded:

DSI website users can now download the software after purchase by logging into your user account! The software download option will appear in your account. Select the download option which will display the software download link. Click the download link to download the new full software version.

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Software Orders and Upgrade Information

Computer Requirements
10 MB (Mega Bytes) of free hard disk space available.

Operating Systems
Windows XP, 7, 8, 10

How to Order

You can pay by credit card, check via PayPal. To order select your options above and click on the Add to Cart button. Once you have purchased EasyFileFinder, you will receive an email message with the software download link. Click the link to download the software executable file. If you have a problem downloading the software file when clicking the download link, please return to the DSI website (www.dsidigitalsoftware.com) and login your account or create an account if you do not have one. Your software download should be displayed in your account listed under "My Orders". 


DataSecure, Inc. does not offer returns on software.

If you have any problems placing your order, please contact support@dsidigitalsoftware.com.

Upgrade Policy

All upgrades within a major release are free. Example: If you purchased EasyFileFinder 1.0, you can always download the latest 1.x release free from the web site when available.

There is a charge for upgrading between major releases, i.e. upgrading from EasyFileFinder 1.0 to 2.0

Once you upgrade to the new version all releases within that major release will be free and so on.

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