New Major Features Added to MovieMusicTrac version 2.0!

  • New features include the capability to backup and restore the MovieMusicTrac database file to any internal or external computer drive. This allows the user to store the database file on an external drive in a safe location other than on the computer.
  • The MovieMusicTracTrac report now displays the movie or music cover image for each record which can also be printed as before.
  • More new features have been added to improve the application function.

MovieMusicTrac is a powerful movie and music collection software program which will help you manage your collection of any size. Simple, easy-to-use and the user-friendly. Suitable for CD, Vinyl Records, DVDs, Blu Ray, HD-DVD, VCD and VHS and Beta tapes. MovieMusicTrac has a comprehensive set of fields, enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: Title, Artists/Stars/Composers, Film category, Studio, Media Format, Storage Location, Record Label, Tracks/Chapters, Year Released, Limited Edition, Music Genre, Date Purchased, Date Borrowed, Status, Date Due, Purchased From Original Price, Current Value, Rating, Disc Number, Content Type, Cover Image/path and Comments. Here are a few other fascinating words to describe the software uses for managing your movie/music collection: Ideal For Insurance Records. Printing of records is also available.

Other features include a powerful database to get you started, easy input entry form, an option to sort by category, export data to an Excel file, flexible search by all fields, user friendly help information and the option to save and access websites via the internet. The amazing list of benefits and features below are included in the latest version of MovieMusicTrac.

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MovieMusicTrac  - New 2.0!

MovieMusicTrac - New 2.0!

MovieMusicTrac is a powerful movie and music collection software program which will help you manage..


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